here's another one...

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  1. yayyy!! :yahoo: I'm so excited, after all the run around I finally got my black baby cabas! I love the bronze but I guess I'll have to settle for the black. At first I called back to check on the waitlist and another SA said I wasn't on it :confused1: and my SA is always so hard to get in touch with. I guess she somehow got one for me and held it for a couple days because I couldn't get in touch with her we were playing phone tag and I couldn't go down to the mall because I was so busy...anyway here it is, I'm so excited! I took the pic with my phone because I'm at work and going out later tonight since yesterday was my 21st birthday! :party:

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  2. CONGRATS!!!!!
    Welcome to the baby Cabas club!!LMBO!
  3. It's gorgeous! Enjoy it.
  4. Congrats. And Happy Birthday !!!
    I love your bag !!!!
    Would you mind telling me the price for this beauty please ???
    I think here it's maybe a little less, but it would give me a good idea :smile:))
  5. Congrats on your new cabas! Do model for us when u have time & Happy Birthday!
  6. Love it!! Enjoy!
  7. gorgeous, congrats
  8. Congrats on a great bag.
  9. thanks everyone! yes I'll take more pics later. It was $1845 here not the $1795 I thought it was going to be. :confused1: man I like how LV is a little cheaper here than the mainland, but idk about chanel.
  10. Cute!!! I want this bag for my 21st birthday! Happy birthday!
  11. CONGRATS on getting one:yahoo: !!!! And what a fantastic present to yourself for your 21st birthday:yes: :jammin: !!

    Yeah, that makes two of us. I feel like calling my SA just to ask about that. I bought my Diamond Stitch tote a couple of months ago and the price was the same as from the mainland so I'm just curious why there's a difference now:shrugs: .

  12. Congrats! And have a very Happy Birthday! I'm wondering if the "newer" Cabas' have now been the "victims' of a price increase....
  13. congrats! black is just as nice as bronze!!
  14. thanks everyone!

    it seems that it's only here in hawaii :shrugs:
  15. What a wonderful bag, black will always be a clasic color - congrats... Enjoy your birthday!