here's another old gucci blondie style

  1. f9_1_b.jpg
  2. I know I totally loce it...i wonder how it looks on
  3. oh, i know it looks totally hot, because janice has one in white leather :yes:
  4. It's Beautiful!
  5. Does anyone know the name of the bag in that line that is more of a tote/satchel style? Not the Blondie like Paris Hilton has...but more rectangular in shape? It can be seen on 'The Gastineau Girls' carried by the daughter.

    I don't even know how to go about searching for one if I don't know the name!

    Thanks! :flowers:
  6. i think it might be called the gucci logo leather tote, or maybe do a search for gucci boston blondie tote, but i'm not 100% sure (?) girl janice on PF knows much more about gucci than me :yes:
  7. thanks for posting, aaallabama girl! i LOVE this bag! wish i could get it but...:graucho: heart is somewhere else right now ;)
  8. Chello!! and good morning! I think the bag the daugther is rocking in Gastineau Girls is the Bowler tote. Its purttttii!! Me likes it alot!! :yes:
  9. yeppers, i know exactly where your :heart: is BooYah-girl :love: ...and i can't wait to see your new blondie once she arrives!!!
  10. Yeah, me too! Booyah I wants to see her too!!! Take fierce pics.:yes:
  11. Thanks for the info!

    I'd love to get my hands on one!

    Is it true they will be putting out styles this fall with the big GGs like that again??
  12. Yes, the interlocking GGs are returning but we're not sure on all of the styles yet. A fellow PFer was nice enough to post some of the fall line showing the interlocking GGs on shoulder bags and clutches-it's on another thread "Fall Gucci Bags" here under the Gucci subforum.
  13. Thank you!

    I looked at that thread. Gorgeous bags!

    I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for a satchel style (fingers crossed!).

    We just have a small Gucci counter at the one Sak's not a lot of bags to look at. :cry: