here's another FIRST for the Duck!

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  1. you've seen my first Utah bag, now here's my first Mini Lin bag :greengrin:


    Tanger Sac Plat ebene from the Men's S/S 2005 show collection. i LoVe my striped Tanger so much, i've just got to get another one for winter and to rotate it with. when one showed up on Let-Trade, i knew it was my chance (i would NEVER pay KarenKooper US$1300 for theirs).... so i got it! :yahoo:

    here's a photo of the two:

    Love, Love, Love them! :love:

    oh and i also recently bought the new Monogram Badge key/change pouch too:

  2. very nice!! you're on a roll :yahoo:congrats!!
  3. Congrats, it's amazing, mini lin looks great in that style. Love the key pouch too!
  4. I absolutely adore that collection and this bag is fabulous.. :crybaby: wish it wasen't sold out still.
  5. I like those flat tote, congrats!
  6. nice additions! congrats!
  7. iv always loved those 2 bags. congrats on you new find.
  8. Congrats! You're gonna love mini lin. I like the pouch. I wonder if a cell phone would fit in it. Anyway, congrats again and enjoy your purchases. :smile:
  9. here's a modelling photo:
    (photo taken from the Sartorialist)


    i have to admit, the Groom cles looks very good with it :yes:
  10. You've been busy! :smile: Congrats! The sac plats are so chic!
  11. Congrats!
  12. congrats!!!
  13. Oh duck... why tormentist thou me?REOIP)_@$@
  14. You've really been busy!Enjoy everything!
  15. very nice!