Heres an embarrassing question that I was asked.

  1. Have you ever returned a special order? Did you send a thank you note? An apology? A thank you and apology? I am no Letitia Baldridge, but I think that last one is the right answer.

    Does anyone even know who Letitia Baldridge is? You guys must think I am some kind of antedeluvian.
  2. yes I do... I don't know what to do besides saying the truth.
  3. Have never returned a SO before but if I ever have to reject a SO, I will apologise and also tell the truth. We are all not expected to give explanations why, but it would be nice, so your SA understands should the manager wants to know.

    This is important to maintain the H relationship with the store. I personally think that if the truth is not shared, and if there is any element of suspicion or distrust, you may never ever get offered another SO again.

    You would not want your manager or SA to think that you are 'messing around' with their limited SO quota.
  4. jedimaster, 'Tish Baldridge worked for Jacqueline Kennedy in the White House.

    You know this, she was, I believe, Mrs Kennedy's social secretary. Don't think she was called this tho, as the Kennedy's were sensitive to people thinking she had a "Social" Secretary.

    I think she's written several books on social manners, hasn't she?
  5. Def. a Thank You, and regrets, if not and apology, with the truth!
  6. it shows how much class you have (a lot) that you'd think of asking the question. of course it is always nice to write thank-you notes, most people do not do it these days when they should, it's always a nice touch. whenever somebody goes out of their way for me they get a thank-you or if its a biggie a little prezzie.
  7. Jedi - I think a thank you for their efforts is entirely appropriate and would be appreciated but not an apology as such.
  8. Yes - including one on "executive manners" - a book that I keep on my desk at work.

    Thank you guys for the input - there was a very legitimate reason for the return (an identical item that she did not realize had been purchased and was being given to her) plus the item was sold in a matter of minutes after return. I think the explanatory/thank you note is in good order.