here's an aloha-rag balenciaga alert ladies

  1. yippy, i just got off the phone with them & they're almost finished sorting thru boxes of the new bags :yes: you know, i'm not in the market for one, but i know alot of you girls are!!!
  2. Thanks, aaa! :biggrin: I just e-mailed Jumpei asking him to please please notify me when they get a Blue India City. LOL. I want it sooo badly. He said he had a Blueberry that had fairly nice leather, though. Wish I could see it in person.
  3. you're welcome pup, i hope they've got one w/your name on it :flowers:
  4. aaallabama - omg! you're the best *hugs and kisses* i cant wait to get an email saying... that blueberry work has come in!!!! 0o0o0o this is SO exciting!!!! come on b-bag!!!
  5. hip, hip, hooooooooooooray for helen's new blueberry bag, hope that e-mail comes soon girl :yahoo:

    p.s. what is it about the work style that's so scrumptuous?!?!
    p.p.s. i say that because i'm totally in :heart: with that style!!!
  6. aaalla- now I am wanting the work so badly!
  7. it's a sickness girl, i'm telling you, be careful!!!...for the longest time, i didn't think i wanted the city or the work, because i thought they were both way too big for me :blink: ...but now, of course, that theory's completely gone out the window :amuse:
  8. I know you just got the lilac work! I'm really wanting a lilac work - but I would need to find one with the least distressing as possible! I know I'll never find a good one!:cry:
  9. awe, don't give up hope girl, 1 day your lilac work will come!!!
  10. ^^^ Do you know if BalNY still has them?
  11. nope, all they have left in the work is black leather & a twill color :sad:

    p.s. i'm only talking about the older s/s bags though!!!
    p.p.s. i think it's the white & blue twill photo below
  12. Thanks aaa! I figured they'd be gone!:cry:
  13. Yeah go the WORK... i think the WORK might be the new CITY!!!! :roflmfao: oh i just cant wait... BUT only 1 b-bag this season!!! JUST THE ONE FOR ME and you b-bag sisters can have the rest!!!! :graucho:

  14. oh goshhh you guys! Good thing I have a work bag coming my way otherwise... :roflmfao:
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