Here's a white bag to consider ...

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  1. This is a Furla large embossed shoulder bag. We all are leary of investing in an expensive white bag because of the scuff/dirt factor but this one might hide marks better and the price is right. It's $500.
  2. I'm not a fan of the texture, it looks a little dry/scaly but that could be just the picture. I do love the color and the shape, though.
  3. I like the colour and shape too; but wouldn't something so textured be more difficult to clean and protect?
  4. Nice Prada!
  5. I've seen this Furla at my local Bloomies. It comes in all different colors and sizes. I did do a double-take when I saw it....very nice.
  6. i like it! the bags you post are all pretty. you have really nice taste :amuse:
  7. Has anyone seen the new miu miu buffalo stone bag? It's white with turquoise stones on it. What do you think of it? (I'd post a picture here, but I don't know how!!!)
  8. Thanks Pseub! -
  9. I like it! Good price too.
  10. That bag is posted on the main page under "hobos", I think. It is a great bag! I love it in white. I've seen it on various sites in brown and tan, but the white is to die for! I'll try to post the pic on this thread for you.
  11. Here is the pic you were looking for. I went to Neiman Marcus tonight but they did not have the hobo. They had a white bag with blue turquoise stones but a different shape. It wasn't as nice as the hobo. I'll hold out for it.