heres a sweet thing for the magenta fans..

  1. Wouldnt this make a great make-up bag to go into those great Magenta first/cities that everyone has been snatching up lately...(ps I am in no way affiliated with this item or seller, just doing some late night scouring for b-bags;) )

    this one looks like the real deal to me (I am no expert though) but I do know Cult Status is a genuine authorised dealer of B bags in Perth Australia..

    Enjoy :flowers:

  2. That is very pretty!
  3. very nice.
  4. pretty purse :smile:
  5. Hey, Alex! It is a gorgeous purse IRL! My friend has a magenta one (with the shoulder strap) and she keeps her necessities in it-phone, wallet and keys. She has kids so she always keeps it in the diaper bag to segregate her important things from theirs.