here's a really cool bag up for sale

  1. i just bought one of these from another seller after drooling over a picture of janice's for 2 weeks...this one looks exactly like mine & i'm 99% sure it's authentic gucci...just wanted to share it with y'all in case anyone's interested...mine just came in the mail today & it's gorgeous :smile:

    p.s. if you're interested in bidding on it, the main thing to ask the seller is whether the 1st two digits of the top serial number start with "13" :heart:
  2. p.s. here are 2 pictures of it so you don't have to click on the link :smile:
    1d_1.jpg de_1.jpg
  3. The pics from this auction look exactly the same as the one that has been previously posted, looks fishy to me

  4. just for the record gals, i'm NOT the seller of these bags :sad: ...but i am the proud owner of 2 gucci blondies that i :heart: & will keep 4-ever!!!
  5. I think it's gorgeous, especially the gold hardware on white leather with the big stripe!
  6. awe, thanks so much ValleyOppressed...i'm soooooooooooo excited about them...i missed out in 2004 & later became obsessed...1st with finding my black blondie bowler & then finding a white hobo like janice's on PF...they're dream bags & i wouldn't sell them for anything :love: