heres a QUICKIE w/ lots "o" modeling of my BLINGYYY mad shldr bag!!!

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  1. FOR ALL YOU TALL ONES,,, this is the BOMB!! i love the style of this,,, i return my sophia for it,,,, but the type of leather on this baby scares me,,,, im usally a clutZzz & get things dirty,,, yikes,,, im not even sure coach has any tips on keeping this bag clean,,,, dont know if ill keep her??? but if i return her it will be for another MADISON SHOULDER!! ENOUGH Aduuuu,,,, heeeere we gooo!![​IMG][​IMG]:nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:
  2. heres why i like her,,, shes really SLOUCHY
  3. & I CAN WEAR HER CROSSBODY!!! or over the shoulder and the handles really grip because of the braiding!!! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    & here shes got my stuff in her to get the real effect!!
  4. Thanks for all the modeling pics! That bag looks stunning on you!!!! I would keep her but be careful!
  5. Great modeling pics! Love the braided handles.
  6. Wow! She looks great on you! She is a beautiful bag, but I are going to have to be VERY careful with her to keep her clean. I was checking her out at the PCE, but had a lot concerns. What does the Coach cleaning instructions card say that inside the zipped pocket?
  7. awesome love all your pics, thanks for sharing
    love the review too

    congrats on your new beauty,

    time for a happy dance!
  8. wow thats super pretty!
  9. thanx for all the input,,, yikes i think she needs to be the property of some lil ol lady in PALM SPRINGS where it never rains:sunshine::sunshine::sunnies ,,, or snows,,, or blows,,,, & never sees dirt,,, just golf clubs and mist-ers & palm trees,,,, but i love it too:confused1::confused1::hrmm:
  10. WOW!!! Super beautiful bag. I love it on you!

    Can you spray it with Apple Garde Rain & Stain for a little extra protection?
  11. That is so beautiful! Congratulations!!!
  12. WOW, I love her, Iam 5'1 and i love my shoulder bag!!!!
    btw, i love your big star jeans!
  13. pretty! congrats!
  14. the sparkle this bag has!:amazed:
  15. Oh I love love love your bag! You look great with it.
    Keep her but be super careful.