Here's a quick reveal **miss iris**

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  1. OK, I don't know why I had doubts about this color.....I'm in LOVE!!:yahoo:

  2. Its a beauty...:tup:
  3. Congratulations, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! What a great color!!!
  4. Gorgeous! Love that color ... modeling pics??? :love:
  5. Really gorgeous color!!!! I'm so glad you got it!
  6. beautiful!!!
  7. fabulous! congratulations! :love:
  8. beautiful, congrats!
  9. i think it's spectacular! so glad you got it!!!!! now if that's not a mood elevator, i don't know what is.......that would make me happy just to look at it, let alone carrying it :happydance:
  10. Congratulations! Iris with PHW is so pretty! I love it!
  11. Iris is beautiful, congrats and well done!
  12. It's lovely and so is your bling ring!
  13. We are twins....
  14. It's absolutely gorgeous! Many congratulations to you and enjoy :biggrin:!
  15. That color just took my breath away! congrats!