Here's a question for you.....

  1. Ok here is a totally random question for you all......

    Imagine a super secret Vuitton has opened in some hidden location this LV is not like any other LV this LV sells ALL it's stock at discount and we are talking 50-90% maybe even some bags from past seasons may be there who knows I can't promise anything...

    Here's the catch.....

    This place is invite only. Only and hand choosen few get to grace it's counters but YOU have been choosen...


    In order to be accepted in you have to firstly swear to never reveal the exsistance of said store AND...

    you must cut off the top third of your little finger on your non writting hand (this can not be reattatched later it's gone that's it)

    Would you do it?????
  2. Ummmm lol I love LV but it's definitely not worth cutting myself up for!!

  3. I agree!! I think I'd have to take a long hard look at myself if I thought LV was worth self-mutilation :yes:
  4. No ... but I'd watch out for ladies with great bags and missing finger links, and follow them unobtrusively ...
  5. hahaha
    what there hell, i dont think lv would ever do anything as stupid as that, if it was selling top of the range or LE bags i might think it could be true. but anyway i would go, coz i just tell my friends i got it at my local lv for the price they sell it for. its not that hard
  6. :yes:
  7. Thats crazy. I probaly only do that if i was on my Death bed and they was giving bags away for free, then again i wouldnt do it theN. lmAO
  8., no bag is worth self mutilation.
  9. No way! Gross.
  10. I think I would do it if they were 90% off or more. LOL!!!!
  11. I was thinking the same as you!
  12. LOL
    No thanks I love myself more than anything else in earth haha
  13. I'm afraid not. No bag is worth being disfigured for!
  14. ooohhh but it's not a bag it's anything your heart desires perhaps a fabulous piece of jewellery, maybe a watch maybe a trunk (or perhaps all 3!)
    tambour fizz.jpg

  15. Still no lol :nogood: