Here's a pic of my new Ink First! I also ordered a Steel coin purse from BalNY!!

  1. I'm so excited! After lurking around here for a while, I took the plunge and got an Ink First (I actually wanted it in Steel, but steel is awfully hard to find). I'd been lemming a coin purse really bad for a while and called up BalNY to find out what colors were in stock and they had Steel! Barneys in BH only has black and white. I ordered the steel right away---I can't wait til it arrives! I'll be sure to post pics too.
    Meanwhile, here's a pic of the Ink.
  2. Oh wow such a yummy leather on that bag.:drool: I love it. :tup:Congrats:yahoo: you did well for your first Bbag.:yes:
  3. So pretty!
  4. Gorgeous ink first! I love that color. Congrats on your lovely bags!
  5. Oh Yummy!!! I love ink!
  6. soooo very yummmy:p I can't wait to see your little coin. CONGRATS!
  7. So nice, love the Ink colour :tup:
  8. love the ink! congrats!
  9. What a beauty!!! Congrats!!!
  10. [​IMG]
    I'd say you did great!!! It's just gorgeous!!!!
  11. love your ink! so pretty. i know i always say this but ink is one of my favorite color. can't wait to see your coin purse!
  12. that's so pretty!
  13. Great choice! I'm lovin' my INK more and more! It's amazing how she changes color depending on the light. Enjoy!
  14. Ink is so interesting! I love it.
  15. Beautiful! I love INK!!! :love: