Here's a hypothetical question....honest!

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  1. Oh Toile/Barenia...................dreaming
  2. D, Toile/Barenia is gorgeous, but I find it too much of a seasonal combo. My SA is trying to convince me to SO one, but I'm on the fence about it: for that price, I want something that I can use all year round! but that's JMO...

    I think your best bet would be Rouge H Box; I keep going back to look at that one aswell!:heart: As other ladies have sugested, Swift is lovely, but for the moment it doesn't come in Rouge H, it only comes in Vermillion... I also think that thalassa blue box would be lovely for you, as K said; you know I'm a neutral girl as much as you, and since you wear jeans all the time, like me, I guarantee that it looks lovely and isn't bright at all...Keep your eyes open on ebay, you never know.....I'm probably biased, but among all my H bags, it's my favourite.....

    Finally, you know that I've been into H bags for over 25 years, well the more time goes by, the more I LOVE Box; in fact, if it was available in all colors, I think all my bags would only be in Box....
  3. Shopmom, from one neutral gal to another, rouge H in box. And you asked can you overdo a leather/color combo? I say no. You remember my favorite combo, right. Black box with gold hardware. Well, I have several bags in this combo and I swear I don't get tired of it. I met another member with a black box Birkin with gold hardware. I kept staring at it all night. I told my SA about it and he said "BUT YOU HAVE ONE ALREADY!" I know, I know, but I really love this combo.

    I really like the sac en V, but they don't make it in box. Just Fjord and epsom for the 26cm and Fjord, epsom, and chamonix for the 35cm. Bummer! I told them the first 26cm in black box with gold hardware is mine!!!! I also hope the Medor clutch comes in box.

    Hey, D, on second thought hold off on any decisions right now. They are getting some new bags in for Spring/Summer. And you need to see them first. NYC already has a few: Duoparis, Kelly flat, this new bag with a name that translates to bag with long straps. I'll make a separate report on these later.
  4. ^^^God, HG! You're making me want a black box BK with G/H SOOO much! I've got it in black Clemence with G/H...but it's just not the same...:sad: I'm becoming a Box addict!! ( Aussie jokes please!)LOL!
  5. Duna, nothing and I mean nothing, will turn my head like black box with gold hardware. It's going to sound strange, but I get a chill up my spine whenever I see this combo. I can see a croc bag in the street and it still doesn't do it for me like this combo. Black box with! But black box with gold hardware, I can stare at that all night.............even if it is my bag. And it truly does get more beautiful the more you wear it. I really enjoy watching the patina form and the scratches blend. Do I sound like a kook or what?
  6. ^^^:girlsigh:!
  7. So, Shopmom, after all this good advice, which way are you leaning? :confused1:
  8. HG you sound like someone who truly knows her first love of an H bag!! Shopmom....I say rouge h in box (hey isn't that just what's on e-bay?!!! lol)....I don't think you're a blue gal....and you know rouge h is a neutral-like red...and I agree the corners of chevre wore hard on my rouge h in box it is!!! Feel better??!!! Oh wait it's YOUR decision I guess....
  9. HG.. question of H expert.. how hard is it to find a toile/barenia kelly?? do they usually come in all seasons??
  10. ShopMom, agree that you can't have too much box anything. Agree that some color added to the gold and black would be a fun thing.

    I am at the same spot......I keep getting offered these pink and green (light) bags and keep running away from them. But, what colors do you wear in summer? I don't see a Rouge H Box ( as droolworthy as that Birkin is ) as a summery bag....not that I don't carry my Rouge H Kelly in summer..... I certainly do.

    But, you did ask for opinions....:yes: Do you ever wear pastels? I have a few Lilly pastel shifts I wear in summer....for the first time ever, I'm considering a pink or lime-ish colored small Kelly to wear with these.

    Or a Kelly 32 in some kind of Pink to wear with pastel t-shirts.

    I have problems matching Blue Jean with anything and ended up selling my beautiful BJ Togo Bolide :sad: but.....I "replaced" it with a Thalassa Blue Kelly 32 in about Hot Hermes:P I was even on the phone to the seller to work out a transaction for that one.

    What about a Birkin 30 in Thalassa Box? I know the story is that Thalassa is not in the stores anymore, but can you special order? Or buy from someone?
  11. PL, I don't know about other stores but in mine they are hard to come by even through SO. I know someone who has been waiting 2 years for a HAC in this combo so far. Every time I mention to my SA that I saw something in Barenia, he says they're lucky. But I heard a rumor, please remember it's just a rumor, that this combo may be coming back in the spring. But please remember it's just a rumor. Every time my SA hears about a rumor he asks if I'm the one starting it.
  12. Ditto this. It ads a new metal and leather to the mix. (and it's next on my wishlist too!)
  13. Oh Boy!!! I can't thank you guys enough!

    Here's the scoop.....I've got a vintage 30+ year old black box Kelly with Gold waiting for me to snag a look at under the tree as we speak AND I am over the moon about it!!! (haven't opened the box yet!!!!! I mean it!!!) The more I look at my Box Hac the more I love it and the more I want more BOX! Call me crazy but I think my next Birkin might just have to be Rouge H Box!

    One bag for SURE I am going to find if it kills me is a Plume Elan GM....I'll take that one in Box too.....I have a photo of a friends Rouge H Plume Elan GM taped to my computer THAT'S how much I adore it!!!!

    HG......April is when I snag that bag......

    ....and in the meantime, I'll continue to drool over that 30cm Rouge H Birkin on eBay........:rolleyes:
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

  15. :roflmfao: I hope THIS rumor is true!!! I hope i can find one and it would be the perfect Kelly for me :tender: