Here's a hypothetical question....honest!

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  1. Rouge H B 30 in chevre or Swift!
  2. D, let me know if you want me to bring mine with me to SF so you can try it on for size. It's either the 30cm Rouge H Chevre or the Dalmation. Take your pick!
  3. Oh MAN!!!! It's gotta be the Dalmation!
  4. Okay, Dalmation it is!
  5. I agree with going with color this time around! A Rouge H or Potiron
  6. Don't you have a reddish bag already, Shopmom? I'm remembering a pick of two kellys on your sofa, no?

    I think you could pull off some orange!
  7. rouge H or BJ for you shopmom you are such a classy dresser and always in jeans so I thing BJ is best.In JPG would also be divine on you!
  8. what you REALLY need is Thalassa to be brought back.......i need that, too.....
  9. Raisin box should be next!
  10. I suggest a Chartreuse or Vert Anis in Coromandel! That would provide a nice spot of color to your collection
  11. i vote rouge H box! if memory serves correctly, your wardrobe is conservative, classic and elegant in beige/black/white hues with occasional blue and red accents. rouge H is the signature H color, is old-world elegant (like your style!), and would be so perfect for you!
  12. I would suggest BJ (that's what I am thinking of once I have stocked up on black). It would be lovely with jeans and summer whites/creams too.
  13. I think BJ is much much nicer than Rouge H.. Its a classic color and goes with everything!! love it :smile:
  14. well I know you have the most beautiful havanne croc bag which is my dream bag so I won't suggest a brown colored bag even though that is what i'm going for and I have both gold and black, so my next choice would be one of the blues.
  15. Toile/Barenia, D!!! I love it! :love: