Here's a hypothetical question....honest!

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  1. But....well....can you have multiple bags in the same leather and not feel like you're OD'ing on it?

    There's a 30cm Rouge H in Box leather that I swear has been on ebay (reputable seller) for ages and I keep going back to that and slobbering over it. But then I think that Rouge H would be better in Togo....but then I already HAVE a bag in Togo...see????? And I already have a bag in Box......

  2. does potiron appeal to you at all, D? it's a pretty color too.......
  3. hmmmm....I don't know Pazt....I wear so much black. KWIM?

    Hey! What about Toile/Barenia!!!!!!
  4. I know which one you are talking about, D! I totally understand how you feel...I always have leather and color dilema, too!...But your box leather one is HAC...little bit different shape from Birkin...So, I think it might be okay...Does your heart sing for that rough H box Birkin?:rolleyes:
  5. You know you are a neutral gal...stay away from too much color...

    rouge H in a leather you love
    could you do a raisin? It is deep...kind of dark and subtle...pretty with both palladium and gold
  6. That rouge H box is still there shopmom? Sooo pretty.
  7. I would definitely consider something colorful in swift. It has such a pretty sheen to it, and it smells wonderful! It's not too heavy either. I think one of the reds would be a nice addition to your collection. My personal favorite is rouge vif.
  8. Yep, it's still there for some reason which I'm kinda grateful for 'cause I get to go take a peak every once in a while.

    Dark raisin? That's possible.....I drooled heavily over Gina's Raisin Kelly.....
  9. I vote for Chevre Cormandel in BLACK 35CM Birkin with ruthie hardware because it would be a TOTALLY different look for you to have in your wardrobe. Okay - that is what I want anyway....
  10. I love rouge H, and the raisin is splendid.
    What about that gorgeous thalassa blue?
    In case you need to work your way up to the reds.

    And I think my favorite color of all the swatches (today at least) is the french blue courcheval. I am seeing it in a kellly with GH....


    Then again, questions like this make my head spin, since I am still working on my first!!
  11. *cough*croc*cough*
  12. the Croc, Choo.......vintage Kelly........:love:
  13. hmmm...ok, ok. no more croc. :confused1:

    raisin (might be hard to find now though), or marron fonce (:love:)... you need more subdued colors... I don't see you with vert anis or poitron at all.
  14. prune box or chevre w/ gold hardware, 25 cm birkin.

    and send me the hac.
  15. Rouge H!!!! :yes: That color looks fabulous on you D!