Here's a hypothetical question....honest!

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  1. OK. Let's say HYPOTHETICALLY that you have a 32cm Black Box HAC with ruthenium and a 30cm Gold Togo Birkin with Gold hw. (oh who can we be talking about here :weird: )

    And.....let's just say you're beginning to think about the next bag for WAAYYY in the future. When the money tree in the back yard has had time to bloom.....

    You've got Black Box and Gold Togo.....where do you go from there?
  2. Rouge H chevre Birkin with palladium :yes:
  3. You need some color..:P little brighter than black or gold...but not too shocking for you...:graucho: Maybe rough H in swift leather(for leather variation purpose) 30cm Birkin with GH:love: ...

  4. I vote rouge H :P

    You are a classic lady, so rouge H will be great :yahoo: :yahoo:

  5. ASp, did u say NO MORE CROC BIRKINS ??
    You must be unwell :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Sorry, I read wrongy, u meant NEEED MORE CROC BIRKINS !!! :roflmfao:
    Fug, I am the one who is sick :roflmfao:
  6. I was thinking about rough H in chevre as well...I love's shiny!:love: But some reason (maybe it's just me and people I know...), chevre leather gets scuffed edges/corners so easily...One of my mom's chevre Birkin look so bit up after using only a few month. She takes care of her bags really well and she is very careful with her all her H bags...So, it really surprised me how her chevre Birkin looked like only after a few months:wtf: ...
  7. Violet? Orange?

    It has to be something bright and fun!
  8. Wait...maybe I misunderstood the shopmom's question...I was suggesting rough H swift for her...Am I supposed answer what I want next? Sorry if I misunderstood the thread...Of course, it should be a croc. Birkin for me! ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!:graucho:

    ps. OPPPPSSSSSSS! I read wrongy as well...You were talking about my sig...heehee..
  9. D., you're a brunette w/ fair skin, right? I think you would look fantastic with bags in jewel tones. How about Brighton Blue?

    If I remember correctly, didn't you already have a Rouge H Chevre Kelly but let it go?
  10. YES - THIS....I'd like a rouge H chevre Birkin 30 with palladium...D - this is a FAB bag...:yes:
  11. I vote for rough H too. But a BJ togo sounds great too.

  12. LOL. How on earth did I read it as NO MORE CROC BIRKINS ??? :confused1: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Lmao !!! I miss bringing my birkins out, its been raining :wtf:
  13. OH....BJ....I want BJ....BJ in croc. is SOOOOO gorgeous(Drooling :drool: big time on my mom's BJ croc. Birkin 30cm)...

    I would like to have BJ in togo as well (when I become a pregnant for 3rd kid:graucho: ...BJ 35cm would be great for baby stuff...!!!)