Here's a HAPPY Coach ("Bedtime") Story!!!! A Little Long

  1. It seems like lots of people have had lots of bad/negative Coach stories to share. I'd like to send some Positive Vibes with my HAPPY Coach Story!!!
    I went to the Coach Boutique this evening to return/exchange my Turquoise Ergo Wristlet. Long story short...the new floorset is TDF!!! The Chelsea collection is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I immediately went over to the Chelsea Black Signature Small Flap with Nickel hardware ( BRASS!!). It is SO PRETTY and CLASSY looking! One of the SAs started talking to me about it. I told her I had heard the PCE had been...and she said, "Ended!". I said, 'No. Actually, I heard it's been extended until the 30th!". She turned around and asked the other SA and that SA replied, " has been extended until the end of June! and YES, the discount is good on ALL the NEW STUFF!!!!" YIPPY!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::tup: I decided to look around at everything else before deciding. The Chelsea Turnlock Wristlets are BUTTERY SOFT!:drool: WOW!!! I think I'm gonna have to go back and get one before the weekend is out! They are really a good size, too. I think I might even be able to hold my camera, mini skinny & cell in one!!! I was really NOT impressed with the new Carly colors (sorry girls). I guess they just aren't my style (the COLORS, that is).
    Anyway, then I saw the Chelsea Small Flap in the Khaki Sig w/Tobacco trim. OMG!!!!!!! Well....I GOT THAT ONE! I thought, and the SAs agreed...Black is Black but the khaki/tobacco is GORGEOUS!!! :drool:It is STUNNING! It has this darker brown trim just inside the leather trim - you can see in the pictures I've attached. It really makes it stand out!
    Anywho...I also got the Legacy Stripe Umbrella (I took in my Scribble Umbrella that had a defect and they let me exchange it plus get the PCE. I walked out of there with my Chelsea Signature Small Flap and the Legacy Umbrella (on order) and only spent $162.74!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!:yahoo: I AM A HAPPY CAMPER! :p
    IMG_2260.JPG IMG_2257.JPG IMG_2259.JPG IMG_2258.JPG legacyumbrella.jpg
  2. I love it!
  3. super cute bag! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story...always nice to hear about good experiences, too! It makes you want to keep handing over your wallet!:nuts:
  4. YAY! That's a great story! Thanks for posting so we can all go to bed with happy Coach thoughts!
  5. Thats a great looking bag, reminds a little of Ali.
  6. $162? Sweet!!

    And that's a cute bag....too small for me though....
  7. That is a lovely bag! It looks fantastic on you!!!!
  8. :woohoo::woohoo: for HAPPY Stories!!!

    Congrats on your new goodies-- they are very pretty! :yes:
  9. wow, great deal!
  10. Thank you! won't be an everyday bag. My Turquoise Ergo Tote is for THAT. The Chelsea is more for 'essentials'. I can fit my Legacy Stripe Foldover Wristlet (BIG!!), cell phone, camera, mini skinny in there just fine!! Plus, there's a slip pocket on the backside, too.

    The $162 was for the Chelsea AND the Legacy Umbrella!! Not bad, huh!?!?
  11. Wow, congrats on such an amazing deal and cute bag!
  12. NICE BAG and great deal. wish i carried an umbrella, they are cute...
  13. congrats!

    thanks for sharing your wonderful shopping experience
  14. I love the way they detail leather like that. I liked when they edged the summer totes with gold. I'm not a big signature fan, but I'll agree that is a very nice bag! Enjoy.
  15. Very pretty bag! I love tobacco! (in colors, I mean!) I hope the ergo hobo in tobacco is the same as the trim on your bag! Nice!