Here's a GREAT ebates question. Well I think so...

  1. Okay. There is Alexander McQueen sweater that I want (I am a guy). The sweater is at Despite the fact that and Bergdorf carry 95% of the exact inventory, this sweater is not at So I tried to figure out a way to get my ebates bonus. I went to ebates, clicked on the Neimans link. Once i get to Neiman Marcus, I go to the company info link where they mention that they own Horchow and Bergdorf. I then click on the Bergdorf link which brings me to Bergdorfs website~ Will this work?? The sweater is $580.00 and I would love to get it on Monday during the ebates bonanza.
  2. Hi there!

    Unfortunately, we can't grant Cash Back at Bergdorf Goodman. We're always adding new stores, but Bergdorf Goodman is not on our current list. Once you click on the B.G. link, you're leaving Neiman Marcus.

    Sorry about that! Maybe I can help you find the sweater from another Ebates merchant- which one is it?

  3. Hey Rebecca! Thanks for answering my question!! I already bought the sweater (It was an Alexander McQueen Skull Cardigan Sweater) but the cool news is that the following day after I bought it for $580.00, it was marked down to $357.00!! I called and they credited my account. Ebates is the coolest site ever. Eluxury is having a major sale on guys stuff and I am headed there now.
  4. Yay! I love unexpected markdowns!

    Have fun at eLux! I hope you find some good stuff :smile:.