Here's A Curious Coach Thing To Ponder!

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  1. I was wondering what collection the Devin and the Ginger belong to and I couldn't find them listed under a heading on the website until I tried "other". :confused1: The Sadie is also listed there. Why are these bags homeless? That's not something you see very often, is it? Couldn't these three be the start of a collection? We could have some fun and try to name it! What do you think?
  2. Good thought but then... I just like the Ginger. She looks very special. ;)
  3. I found Devin under Boutique Exclusives - and Ginger under Satchels. I returned a Devin (that was ordered from JAX) because it had several defects. I saw the Ginger this weekend, and while the details are the same, the leather was much softer - soft and squishy:smile:.... however, Ginger is huge - and boxy. Nice details, but just too big for me:sad:
  4. i wonder this alot with coach bags. certain ones dont have a true family home
  5. I have an idea....Coach can use MY HOME for these homeless bags! LOL
  6. LOL Good one! I'm hoping they bring out more bags with similar details namely the lacing and kisslock coin purse.
  7. I agree. Bring it on! LOL :biggrin:
  8. Coach likes to name collections for NY-Bleeker, Madison, Hamptons,etc. I think the Devin and Ginger could be in a collection called West End because they have that whipstitch detail.(a slightly western influence) They could be warehoused at Proffashionista's home! LOL
  9. LOL. That's true. For some reason I wanted to put Ginger with the Hamptons collection since, when you look up satchels, they are next to the Hampton flap satchels. West End sounds good. Maybe they are like test bags and if people continue to buy them, they might make more? I'll take Ginger any day!