Here's a couple more new drilldown pics!

  1. I believe this is a larger size than what was posted before:




    This is gorgeous!

    Oh, Kimmie!!!!!! :graucho:

    Aren't they pretty with that lilac stripe?? :love:
  2. Oh, Look!


    And lilac

  3. Ahhhhhhh! STOPPPP!!!![​IMG]O.k. I need help!! Serious help!!!!:hysteric::sweatdrop:
  4. :crybaby:OH NO!!! I LLOOVVE this!!!:cursing:[​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]

    Oh I like that! (haha I must be really attracted to the Doe color). I am going crazy. I was going to order the pouch thats in my signature below but I have stopped myself, because my luck I would see something I love even MORE,then I'd be kicking myself LoL. Now that I'm thinking about it, since the new floorset is released on Dec 26th, does this mean all of the new stuff will be on as well?
  6. Me, too...anyone know the style number and what colors it comes in? If they do more of the embossed signature in carryall, I'm gonna be in trouble!:p
  7. You seem to be overly attracted to these wallets :nuts:
  8. YUMMY!!!:yahoo:

  9. :nuts: I cant wait till it comes out. This could be my 3 month bag.
  10. The parchment embossed bag is #11639. I tried to get other colors to come up but haven't had any luck yet. Call JAX, they may know!! :graucho:

  11. When are these bags coming out?! After Christmas?
    [​IMG]THIS is GORGEOUS!!!!
  12. I believe its the day after Christmas and the website should be updated by Jan. 1st. Atleast that is what Jax customer service told me.;)
  13. OK not a fan of white bags, but I wonder what other colors that embossed leather will be available for, and what sizes? I looks like the Hamptons Carryall that is in my avatar that I'm getting in red for Christmas. Hmmm wonder if I should wait to use it to see what other colors it will come in. This picture actually looks smaller than the red one - anyone have any more info on this one?
  14. thanks ranskimmie, can't wait til then!! ;)
  15. :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: