Here's A Bag I'm Looking At....

  1. I've been watching this bag on eBay for awhile. I've watched several come and go and I love it. I have the Holiday Patchwork (06?) that has the Ocelot print on it. I have the wristlet as well. I would love to add this to my collection.

    I posted this on "Authenticate This" and was told it was a Limited Edition. This seller has a really good deal and she offered me free shipping. (another seller has a starting bid of $299)Do you think I should do it? It's totally different compared to anything i have purchased in the last year, but I love different.:heart:
  2. if you love this bag I'd say do it. They are limited editions and few and far between. Let us know what you decide!!
  3. If you love it, you should go for it! :yes: I love different too.;)
  4. I don't do animal prints myself, but when I see them on other people I like them. That bag is really unique. If you like different, I'd say go for it. You won't see yourself coming and going. Free shipping is a good deal. You said you have the ocelot print on another bag, so you are familiar with it. I noticed your seller said no returns, so keep that in mind. Just looking out for you.
  5. If you love it then go for it!
  6. Ditto, Ditto, Ditto~!~ Go for it!!:woohoo: