Here're the recent acquisitions

  1. The cornflower b-bag and the Patek Luce. :biggrin:
    Balenciaga.JPG Patek Luce.JPG
  2. Both are beautiful! That cornflower blue color is gorgeous :love: Congrats :nuts:
  3. :nuts::nuts::nuts: Love that Patek!
  4. Beautiful!! ho much is the Patek if you don't mind asking??:love: :love: .
  5. Both gorgeee!!!
  6. I love them both! Georgeous B bag. And the diamonds make a great addition to your new bag.
  7. Both are beautiful!!!!
  8. both are beautiful, great purchases!
  9. Killing me softly!! Gorgeous Congrats!!
  10. It's a little over 10k. But then I didn't receive any gifts for all the holidays for a few years! :P Of course not counting those I bought myself. Hehe!
  11. I love the b-bag, the colour is gorgeous !!
  12. :lol: :lol: The you deserve it!! Congrats!! LOVE and ENJOY your perfect gift!!!

    I love the way you justify the perfect purchase! I do that too sometimes..:biggrin: .
  13. I miss the "n"..I meant to say "Then you deserve it!!.
  14. OMG! That color is gorg. You have beautiful stuff. ;)
  15. Oh my gosh the watch is pretty! Love the diamonds. And, I've seen that cornflower blue in person. Very nice choice!