Here you go Lovlies! Outlet Locations!

  1. Thanks Vicious, you're wonderful!
  2. oh no no, you are lol, i'm just tryin to help ya out ;) i didn't think it was too fair for me to know where mine was, and for others not to know where theirs were! i hope they're not too far away from yeh!~
  3. Too bad the closest one for me is Chicago.
  4. Thank you for the link!!
  5. i know, i can't believe there are so few of them BOO!
  6. The one in Williamsburg, VA, is really nice--unfortunately, the last time I went, I went to the Coach outlet first and spent all my money; had to window-shop at Dooney! I will not make that mistake next time ;)
  7. the way i did it, i went to coach, found what i wanted, knew how much i had to spend there, went to dooney, bought the barrel bag, and went back to coach and bought my pouch and keyfobs. i'm an addict lmao
  8. Well at least I have the Coach outlet somewhat closer. I still can't believe I haven't checked it out yet. Perhaps sometime this spring. I need to get some money saved up first.
  9. There are some not connected to Outlet Bound:

    Reading, PA (actually West Reading at Vanity Fair)
  10. Great thread! Thanks for the info and lets keep it updated!
  11. :yes: sounds like a great idea Cindy!
  12. Thanks for the link. I am trying to figure out who I can call to visit that lives near one of these outlets.
  13. MOI! freeport baby! coach outlet, burberry outlet, dooney factory......

    and a GAYMAN!

    and OTHER outlet! wee! AND the maine mall is SO close to freeport, and the coach store there just opened and is HUGE! (ive never been, lets go!)
  14. thanks!