Here we go round the Mulberry shop.

  1. Finally made it to the Mulberry shop on Saturday and it smelt gorgeous!

    What struck me most was that most of the bags were more beautiful in real life than they look on the website but most were also much smaller than I imagined. I had envisaged Brooke, Effie, Ledbury and the East-West Bayswater bags as being bigger somehow, I was surprised how small they were. However it has cleared up issues about which bag to buy next it has to be one of the bigger ones, probably the Roxanne or Bayswater.

    I had gone off the Roxanne after seeing someone carrying one, but now after being in the shop I think the Roxanne I saw was fake, it looked yuk!
  2. I love the look of the roxanne, but there are a LOT of fakes around, but the genuine ones always look better. The quality of the leather holds the bags shape better.
  3. some of the fakes are awful! A genuine, worn in roxanne looks absolutely gorgeous though... no fake can match that look!
  4. Which shop did you go to?
  5. The Mulberry shop in Edinburgh, the visit made me :drool::heart:! Went into LV afterwards and wasn't feeling the love at all, I am definitely a Mulberry girl! :lol:

    It's beyond me why anyone would want to carry a fake, it was nasty in comparison to the real thing. I couldn't spend £100 to £200 on a fake, I'd rather do without!
  6. You should go to the Mulberry shop on Glasgow, its even better than Edinburgh in that it carries a wider stock range. And its next door to Agent Provocateur :p
  7. I'm so thrilled to hear Mulberry looks better IRL...I'm looking forward to getting into a Mulberry shop asap! On my next trip to the U.S.!!!
  8. Glasgow is my favourite city ever and it has been so long since I visited (I blame small children and moving east). If I ever do get over to Glasgow shopping I will pop in. Didn't know there was an Agent Provocateur in Glasgow, now that might convince DH that I need to visit! :idea: Supposed to be going to Glasgow in December to see Status Quo and I think we are going to stay over, do you think I could convince him to treat me? :angel:

    TropicalGal, no amount of website browsing lives up to the real thing, I could have spent all afternoon there had it not been for the staff continually asking me if I was alright and could they help with anything.
  9. Hi Mrs spoon, it sound like a great day out!!
    I can't wait until I visit the outlets at the end of Nov.
    Sadly though, my hubby wants to come and I think that might spoil the fun, as he'll poo poo anything over £9.99!!
    My pink Ledbury turned up today which is very cute and will be ideal for holidays and the summer, have to say though, that nothing compares to my Annie. I love the shape and it's the one with the best smell!!
    I'm hoping that they may have some Phoebes as I love the shape!!
    Next time I buy though, will definately be from a shop as I'd like to compare them all!!