here we go again....

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  1. guys, my friend just called me who works at a vet. someone he knows found a kitten and is going to give it to a shelter if he can't find anyone to take it. this kitten is really malnourished and very very very small for his age (probably the runt of the litter). i'm afraid that if he gives it to a shelter, the poor thing will just end up getting euthanized because where i live there are soooooo many animals, and not enough shelters, and not enough people adopting them. so his odds aren't good:s
    i already have one cat, and i definitely have space for a new kitten. but i just have hardly any money... i'm going to be eating cereal and pb&j for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next few weeks if i take this kitten in so i can pay for the vet and his shots and proper food! i'm a student and have very very limited income. i'm not going to tell my parents, because they'll think i'm crazy for sacrificing things for myself for a kitten, but i think it's so worth it. he obviously needs a good home after having just a rough life so far!
    i just wanted to share this with some people who love animals as much as i do! i knew ya'll will understand :yes: wish me luck!
  2. ^You have a great heart!
  3. Your heart is in the right place but if you can't afford another cat you shouldn't bring this one home. What if he has some expensive medical needs you are not aware of? I would be sad but I think I would try to find another home for this one.
  4. U r a kind soul...:heart::yes:
  5. if i ran into that kind of problems, my parents would without a doubt help me out :smile: and my friend who works at the vet is getting me some things for free. also, i didn't really say that i couldn't afford a new cat, i just meant that i'd have to cut out some of the things that i LIKE doing, such as going out to eat, shopping, etc. i'm a college kid though, being tight on money is expected! thanks though.