Here we go again :)

  1. Okay.....................................

    You guys are eventually gonna get sick of me.......I'm getting sick of myself! I'm soooo indecisive right now!!!!! BUT................I've gone and fallen in love w/ yet ANOTHER bag!

    And I think this is the one this time!!!!

    I LOVE the structure of it....and I don't have a structured bag yet (the Heritage stripe doesn't count caz it's a "fun" and very casual bag...haha!)

    Thanks a lot kimmie! You are the enabler here (or should I blame Suneshine for this?) made the bag look so tempting! Do you love it? Is it a good size?
  2. very pretty... lol I knew you would like another bag lol you sound just like me.. so you think you can sneak a wallet lol...
  3. I really like this bag...but to me it's a very elegant and/or business-y type of bag. For me, it wouldn't fit my lifestyle. What about for you? Would it be something you could actually see yourself using and cordinating with your wardrobe?

    Just trying to ask the questions I'd ask myself!:smile:

    Are you on the fence about the Chelsea satchel?
  4. It's very cute, and I think it's perfect for an everyday bag!
  5. Yeah, I could make it work....besides, I'm at the point in my life where I am going to be going to interviews, and I will need a more structured I think the pink on the scarf and on the inside lighten it up a bit...make it less "stiff." KWIM?

    I don't think I'm on the fence anymore about the Chelsea Satchel because I feel this bag (the Madeline) is more me.
  6. Well, I think it certainly would make a good interview really broadcasts clean elegance to me. I'm an English prof, so I'm too frumpy for this bag!:lol:
  7. This bag is pretty I like it more than the Chelsea.
  8. I love the Madelines! :tup:
  9. yeah, I'm liking it a bit more too! Thanks!
  10. I love this bag and if it weren't for the magenta madeline that's coming in May, I'd be buying this one! I think it's lovely and ladylike!
  11. I know!!! I love all of the colors! It's an amazing line!
  12. LAltiero~

    I know that the SA at my COACH boutique said that COACH is really hoping for this bag to take off, because they named it after a girl. She said whenever a bag is named a girls' name, they plan on making it a line that will stick around for a longtime and sell very well. Makes sense...Ali, Mandy, Carly, Chelsea, Miranda, and there you go MADELINE. I love the is soft PINK!!! The pink scarf is definitely the finishing touch!!!
  13. LA! Im telling you this is a must have bag! Its absolutely perfect in every aspect IMO. Here are a few more pics of mine. I'll be using this baby daily for a loooooong time!
    Ebay Pics 722.jpg Ebay Pics 723.jpg Ebay Pics 724.jpg Ebay Pics 725.jpg Ebay Pics 733.jpg
  14. Oh this bag is TDF! I love it!
  15. I meant to add. See the full length pocket on the front? There is another on the back too!