Here we go again! Question about Epsom leather

  1. Hallo again my lovely Hermes Ladies...

    I need to know about Epsom leather in Kelly. For those Hermes ladies here who own the Epsom Kelly please tell me your experience and your love for your Kelly Epsom and also what you don't like about this leather which I doubt. Please post pics if you have them. Or just tell me what you know about Epsom leather. :p

    If you and I have a choice to pick between 32 Kelly natural with GH and 32 Kelly BJ PH, which one would you and I choose. Both are Rigid and both are in Epsom.

    My dream is to have the 30cm or 35cm Gold Birkin or Black (I am still waiting) but just incase if right now you and I have these two Kellys in front of you and me which one would you and I choose?

    I tend to choose the Bj color since it is a fun color and to me Hermes is color. Although I prefer Retourne but I am courious about the Rigid. Oh so far I have 30 cm Rouge Garance Birkin in Togo and 32 Fuschia Kelly in Chevre Retourne. Please voice your opinion.

    Or should you and I pass and wait for the Gold or Black Birkin for me or for you whichever bag you are waiting for.
    As always thanks in advance!:smile: :heart: And sorry if my sentences a bit confusing and out of order LOl. My brain is kind of burn out right now!:shame:
  2. Black Box, Baby........Black Box for the next bag.
  3. My dear...WAIT!!! DIdn't a wise person tell you that? I thought I remember reading that somewhere on the forum???
  4. BTW...epsom would be lovely in a BJ Kelly, but maybe 28 or 32 retourne. The color would be lovely and the shape perfect. You don't need sellier in this. Come on Sweetea...HOLD ON...Wait for that birkin!
  5. You have the itch, don't you?
  6. KB is right and all kidding aside, wait on the Birkin, SWEETEA. It's worth it. Enjoy those babies you've got right now and hold out for the Birkin.
  7. [​IMG]

    28 cyclamen epsom
    (credit photo: frenchiefan)

    Isn't it pretty in a 28 retourne? The color just pops!

    Kellys will come around often...wait a bit for the birkin and see what amounts.
  8. before practicality hits me, i say BJ kelly in epsom, which is just oh-so-beautiful in that leather. BUT, wait for your birkin. once you get one, you'll love it!! it's worth the wait and the work and the wishes!
  9. THANK GOD I have friends here who can save me from this wondering mind and this crazy itch!!!

    Shopmom, Kb...ahhh thank you my dear for your wise advice! I just don't want to regret guys can read my mind..:shame: :p

    Say no more...Kb:shame: :heart: I need rehab.

    Ya ya Sm that is what I need to do. That is wait for Gold or Black Birkin!:hysteric:
  10. good advice, i say wait for your lovely birkin...the kelly bag is a bit more obtainable and you will have more time to think about what you really would like. :biggrin: good luck!
  11. i agree. black box all the way;) .

    however, i also agree that you should wait for your birkin:yes: .
  12. It is really hard to wait...we always "want" for something Hermes, but when you have to wait you appreciate your bag even more.
  13. yes...i say wait for ur the birkin as well.
  14. I also suggest to wait for the gold Birkin!!! It's so useful you won't regret it!
  15. Wait for a your drea birkin. That being said put a time limit on your wait. If it comes to that point and no Birkin, then you have a few other bags to choose from as second choices.