Here we go again! Outta control for 2017: July update

  1. Gris perle looks great with gold h/w!
  2. I love it when you go out of control hahaha~ My favorite H Fairy in the whole wide world~~~ Love Love Love your new eye candies~~
  3. Think it's my camera, the lighting in hotel is not super ideal! But anyway it's a very lovely combo!

    Thank u dear~~!

    It's very elegant with GHW!

    Kiss kiss darling! We need to go shop shop together

    And very very very happy now!! Hahahah
  4. IMG_1492158504.627035.jpg
    Got some time to play with the all black collection~~
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  5. And ooooops, one grand finale from this haul~~

    Any guess?
  6. I see a horseshoe! Gris mouette with black ? Epsom. Matte silver hardware.. pls tell..
  7. Looks like something special! :p
  8. So exciting...
  9. Without further ado here's is my new to me k28 sellier trench with Bleu paon in permabrass hw
    IMG_1492319881.785765.jpg IMG_1492319915.425721.jpg
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  10. Need more pics!!