Here we go again! Outta control for 2017: July update

  1. Wow, which one did you end up getting ? That 'lid' of the verso Lindy looks so tiny. Is that a 26cm ? I would have picked the Verso since I love bi-color bags. Love all your haul especially the Rose Azalea bags. That swift Lindy is TDF !!
  2. Pretty, you have the most amazing finds! Love the black watch and your new wallet.
  3. OMG this wallet is AMAZING!!!! Congrats!
  4. I saw a GP tpm just the other day - that is a gorgeous bag! Congratulations!
  5. The 26 lindy rose azalea is actually in evercolor leather and it is as light as swift but a more sturdy leather.
  6. Thank you for the additional info. I've an evercolor Calvi and they are indeed better than Swift. Congrats !!
  7. yes it is!
    my friend picked the Rouge Grenat L26, the verso is L30, she would have gotten the verso if it's 26........but still hard to choose!!
    thank you darling, you might love more for what i have to post later.............
    thank you dear!
  8. it's super pretty!
    right on!
    actually haven't seen a evercolor calvi yet..........hmmm should i get one??
  9. One lucky GF score this classic beauty~~
    Gold Togo b25 PHW, perfect combo for my picky friend!!
  10. Such a classic beauty ! Hope I can score a 25 B someday !
  11. IMG_1492055841.841775.jpg

    My tag along bestie dream came true by scoring this summer beauty! K32 Gris perle evercolor in GHW! Practical and classic the same time!
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  12. IMG_1492055947.214963.jpg IMG_1492055957.171507.jpg
    Need more pictures to do it's justice
  13. It was a Blue Izmir Calvi but I notice that they now only come in Chevre and Epsom. I like a bit of grainy texture of evercolor.
  14. Gris Perle evercolor looks so different on my monitor. Almost like Craie or Parchment. I used to have a Gris Perle Togo K32 and it has a lot more grey in it. I like yours better, a bit more cream undertone.
  15. Your haul is amazing as always dear Pretty...but this one caught my :heart: !!!