Here we go again! Outta control for 2017: F/W Oct shopping

  1. Love all of your items, so beautiful
  2. Thank u dear~
  3. Haven't really really using the bag just yet, only had been carrying it back from my travel. There's still scratches could be seen but its possible to rub it in. And since it's grained more hairline scratches will not be seen easily. My room is now in barenia smell heaven~~
  4. thanks you for your input....please do give update as time goes on...I'm very careless so I have been hesitant of getting the regular barenia. So ecstatic to find out out the this new barenia...I'm hoping will be able to get one in the near future.
  5. IMG_1500811741.572571.jpg
    One last super gorgeous piece from this crazy trip, totally unexpected but my zero intolerance of beautiful H piece, I surrender to it~~
  6. Oh man...say no more!!!
  7. OMG!!:loveeyes::loveeyes:
  8. And here's the HG of mine~~
  9. bravo my dear!!! All these gorgeous pieces in one trip??? You outdid yourself and enjoy them all!!!!
  10. Everything is gorgeous but that last one is TDF!
  11. Gorgeous croc!!!
    I feel so amazed with your collection!! Thanks for sharing!