Here we go again! Outta control for 2017: F/W Oct shopping

  1. Hi guys happy new year to y'all and wish all your Orange dreams came true, I certainly have a good start this year!
  2. YAY!!! I always enjoy your reveals!!! I can't believe I am on the first row for a live one!
  3. Looking forward to seeing your new goodies!
  4. Oh come on!!! Don't leave us hanging! I'm living vicariously through all of you!!!
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  5. open open
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  6. Home sick today. Looking forward to this to cheer me up :biggrin:
  7. I'm on ban island so I need to live vicariously this is just what the doctor ordered
  8. Nothing like orange boxes to brighten my day!
  9. Please reveal! Living vicariously!
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  10. Here!
  11. Here!! Let's see them. Open. Open. Open.
  12. Here!!! Will keep checking!
  13. Yeeeeeeeeeees~

    I love your reveals!

    Please don't ever be in control of your H spendings, we'll gladly do that job for you.
  14. Can't wait
  15. As usual start with something more casual....... super like Bleu Agate, here's the GP IMG_1484776556.223462.jpg IMG_1484776569.739637.jpg