Here we go again: New Goodies (No, I don't think that counts as ban breaking...)

  1. I've been busy lately :graucho:

    Say hello to my new family members ....... :nuts:
    • Fuchsia Bedford
    • Cerises Clés
    and finally the wallet I've been searching for forever and a day
    • Glacé Whist wallet

  2. WOUuu, I REALLY LIKE YOUR Glacé Whist wallet,it looks amazing!!!congrats
  3. I LOVE them all, and the cats too with the hot cles :flowers:
  4. All gorgeous! Congrats!
  5. Lovely Congratulations.
  6. Aww.. your cats are too adorable !

    And I love the glace wallet, I never realised it had that type of card carrying capacity !
  7. alles ist superschön, glückwunsch! :yahoo: :heart:
  8. Yay! Gorgeous goodies...enjoy them all!
  9. OMG I hate you lol! I want that wallet SO BAD! lucky!!!
  10. Awww, I LOVE your kitties, they are soooooo adorable! Gorgeous items, too! Congrats. ;)
  11. Hmmmm sooooo.... that's not a ban breaking ? How do you call it ? :roflmfao: (so I can call it the same :p )

    Gorgeous, gorgeous :heart: - I love everything and that wallet it"s TDF - I never saw it...
    Enjoy and wear them in good health
  12. So pretty Congrats
  13. :crybaby:

    lol, actually that was the 3rd time I ever saw one :nuts: One on (already sold), one on eBay USA a long time ago (already ended) and then suddenly that listing on eBay Germany showed up :wtf: :sweatdrop:

    If I come across another one, I'll drop you a line! :yes:
  14. Wow :nuts: Cool :drool: Congrats :yahoo:
  15. love all your goodies Kittie! Congrats! the wallet is goooorgeous! I wonder if it will fit us/cdn bils or is it too small?