Here we go again F/W what are your hopes?

  1. so with Paris fashion week fast approaching Feb 24th -Mar 2nd what are your hopes for LV's F/W season.

    I'm guessing the show will be 2nd Mar as they tend to close the week and it's usually a sunday which it is. usually 3pm too
  2. What about this much-rumoured Murakami camouflage bags??? I really like camouflage...
    Regina :drool:
  3. I usually like the fall collections better than spring so I don't think I'll be disapointed I just hope is not another art freak colabo...
  4. ^I'm usually more of a spring girl but last fall was an exception.
    Fall is usually more $$$ so based on spring we could be in a whole heap of trouble
  5. I would like to see some more leather bags, maybe a reurn of the ebossed leaher like on the Polly or Steven, mmmmm. A Frame syle leather bag.
  6. I know, im kind of disapointed with the men's fall collection there's not alot of LE bags:crybaby: just canvas and I don't know if any of phython bags will be jumping on my matress hopefully they'll make a man friendly leather bag for me to have im on a LE only Leather bag diet...
  7. I'd like to see more classic bags, instead of crazy runway. Something cute again would be nice too (more fruit?!). Also, bags with two sets of straps, LOVE them ! I hope there are more trevi like bags !
  8. I'd like to see something iconic, similar to last year's Mirage. Hopefully, Camouflage, whatever it may be, will meet this criteria. I wouldn't mind seeing some fall colors -- pumpkin orange, hunter green, plum. And maybe price could be a consideration. The $5000 bags are lovely but they'll sell a lot more if they keep prices below $2500.
  9. BLACK or DARK or SATURATED colours

    leather and fur too please (can't really afford it, but they please my eyes lol)
  10. ahhh i can't even think about fall when spring is driving me nuts!!! lol

    anyway, f/w is my "uh oh i'm in trouble" season. like restricter said, i'd like to see something along the lines of mirage. also maybe more color this time around with dark greens and purples.
  11. i really like fall/winter collections because the colors are not loud compared to the spring/summer collections haha *yeah. i'm a really boring person* :smile:
  12. :yes::yes:
  13. My SA was speaking to me today and she saw something about fall and the word "CHINA" which would be a collaboration with another artist...all she would tell me
  14. More embossed leather!!!!!! Still dreaming of my ivory embossed stephen!!!!
  15. More perforated leather bags like the Onatah and Mahinas. Something about scrumptous chocolate leather really makes me bust out the check book. And of course more denim colors!