here we go again... 20% till July 19

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  1. yay! Thanks for posting
  2. Wow! Thanks for posting!
  3. Thanks for posting! :yahoo:
  4. Was just coming to post! :faint: I can't believe they are doing it again! There goes my ban!!!!
  5. OMG.. say it ain't so.. I may need a new signature... :nuts:
  6. ^ :roflmfao: You and me both!
  7. Another?? Doubt I'll buy anything, but this gives me an excuse to make a trip to the outlet :smile:
  8. woohoo!!! just saw it in my email!!!
  9. Awww yeah!!!! Maybe I can get a Metallic Peyton afterall!!!! Chicka chicka bow bow bow!! :yahoo:
  10. #11 Jul 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2009
    Oh here goes that Bonnie I wanted... thank you, thank you..... Or maybe that Green Peyton that has been out of my reach...:shocked::wtf:
  11. Yay!!!!!
  12. OMG is all I have to say
  13. OMG here too. I have to go to my Dads house Thursday nite. OH KILL ME NOW. LOL