Here they are!

  1. Okay, so yesterday I finally got them (Should I get these?) and I just took pictures on this nice sunny day :] What do you guys think? I love them! I think they're adorable and so comfortable :heart:

    Sigh. Theyre the perfect pick me up on a sad day :]
    shoes 0032.jpg shoes 0042.jpg shoes 0092.jpg shoes 0082.jpg
  2. VERY cute, you are adorable in that photo BTW! LOVE white skirts in the summer!
  3. I LOVE them! They look fabulous with your white outfit! Enjoy!
  4. Thanks Kat & SwankyMama! :shame:
  5. Very cute - glad they feel good, too!
  6. yay for new shoes! They are too cute abandonedimages! :smile: SHOPPING IS SUCH A GOOD PICK-ME-UP!!!!!
  7. I love them with that white hot outfit.... love how they look with that outfit!!! Wow!!! congrats on a great buy :smile:
  8. Ohhh!!! Those are pretty..... you've just succeeded in making me consider to get a pair to match my brown Spy :biggrin:
  9. Cute! and they look so good on you, what a nice & summery outfit!
  10. super cute! very Bottega! very good purchase! you will be able to wear them right through the year!
  11. wow!!!!
    they're cool and look faboulous on you!!:yes:
  12. Great shoes, loving the white on white outfit too !! :heart:
  13. Love those shoes! Very unique! You look awesome in them!
  14. So glad you bought them!! I think they are so cute on you!
  15. Thank you so much ladies :shame: