Here they are - the old & the new:

  1. Here are my Fendi's (haven't found a nice one that I've wanted in years) my Gucci's, and a mix of other stuff including my 3 newest acquistions (Prada, Burb Manor & Chloe).
    IMG_2846.jpg IMG_2857.jpg IMG_2861.jpg IMG_2849.jpg IMG_2862.jpg
  2. Very the black Burberry!
  3. Lovely! I'm quite envious of your black Burberry and Chloe!!:tup:
  4. Lovely collection!!!! Love the white bag at the end.....very summery and gorgeous!!!!!
  5. Nice collection:smile: love your Chloe!!
  6. I love the prada!!!
    Lovely collection!!
  7. Great collection-
  8. Very nice!
  9. Thank you so much! I've actually been breaking down my collection since I had my kids a couple of years ago. My Chloe, Black Burberry, Prada & the white Via Spiga are all very recent acquisitions. I'm not quite done with a diaper bag yet but the bag bug has bitten me once again. But now I'm broke so I'll just sit back and enjoy everyone elese's bags for a while.
  10. awesome collection.
  11. Love the black sequined Fendi baguette,I'm a huge fan!
    So sorry the Baguette has been discontinued..
    PS.To all you girls,do you know places or online shops where they still sell Fendi Baguettes?
  12. Very pretty. I love your paddy!
  13. The black Burberry is very nice!
  14. Nice collection
  15. Very nice collection.Thanks for sharing!