Here they are! LM midi and I'm Yours pics!!

  1. I love this!!! It looks so amazing on you and the dark grey...I think I have to have a dark grey bag now.

    I'm so sorry I missed out on the midi...darn!!
  2. I think there may be an Jackie :smile:
  3. ^Thanks...I'll check it out then!!! Just seeing this bag makes me WANT one!
  4. I've only carried my twice and it is already starting to slouch very nicely.

    I do have a confession though ladies. This is rather embarrassing to share but I have to so that I can cry to you ladies. I've scratches the 4 bottom corners of my brand new LM midi.:crybaby: Yesterday I had taken my son outside to play so we could enjoy the beautiful weather. When it was time to go get my daughter from school I ran inside and grabbed my bag. I had left my son (he is 18 months) in the garage so I was moving very quickly b/c I was nervous to leave him there. My bag was by the door so I opened the door and walked in to get the bag and quickly turned around. When I turned I fell down the garage stairs (there are only 2) but my LM midi was in my hand. It landed face up but today I noticed that all 4 corners were slightly scratched. I have only carried the bag 2 times since I got it yesterday so I know that is where they came from. I put some Coach conditioner on the corners and it helped some but I am so upset I did this to my new bag. :crybaby:
  5. As long as you're all right after your tumble, that's the main thing! :yes:

    I wouldn't worry too much about the scratches. I mean once the bag gets broken in, I'm sure you won't even notice!

    It's always the way though - say if I wear a white top, you can be sure within about an hour, I will have a mark on it!

    Look on the bright side, it's had it's little baptism of fire now and got it out of the way, so by my weird reckoning, nothing more should befall it!!!! So you can carry on wearing it in a carefree manner and enjoy it!!!
  6. Awwww Karenina, so sorry to hear about your tumble. The most important this is that you are ok. If it's only the corners, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just keep enjoying your bag to its fullest :smile:

    Can you use Coach conditioner on the matte dark grey? I need to get some of that. I can't get any Apple Guarde or Luving my bags here in Canada. My other conditioner is for glossy leathers and I am afraid to use it on my matte leathers. Let me know how the Coach conditioner works. TIA!!!
  7. Thank you girls. I am fine, my knees and lower legs are beat up but they are fine. I was more worried about the bag. LOL

    I have used Coach conditioner on all of my BE bags and I think that it works great! I actually prefer it over the Apple Guarde.
  8. Thank goodness you and your son are okay! Don't obssess about the scratches on the bag; I'm sure when it breaks in you won't be able to tell. Whew! It could have been a lot worse!
  9. Karenina ~ my Matte Dark Grey Love Me Midi arrived with four scuffed corners. I was suprised, and as I looked closer, I imagine this has to do with its location at each corner when the bag was stitched and turned inside out. And, to be clear, I haven't worn or used it yet.

    I simply rubbed it with the skin of my fingertip and it improved.

    I'm sorry you took a tumble down a couple stairs and hope you are A-OK!!!

  10. I didn't realize that you got a LM midi! I forgot who all got them. I didn't hear you talk about it either. Do you love it? What do you think about it.

    Humm maybe those scuffs were already there then. I really didn't think they would have been scuffed like that from the fall but I didn't think it came like that. But maybe it did.

    I am fine from my tumble!
  11. Karen - Those scratches will probably buff right out. They did from my chocolate LMM. Plus, it's on the bottom corners, so you will never even see it. I'm just glad you are okay.
  12. I'm glad you posted this. I've been wondering how long it would take to soften up. The gray leather is sooooooo pretty. I hope Jackie will keep the matte leathers. I think the matte leather really sets her apart from other brands.:yes:
  13. Karenina ~ I got my tan IY today and LOVE it!!! I'm glad we got this bag.
  14. Karenina ~ I am glad you are all right from your tumble!

    Yes, I ordered it directly through Jackie...and no, I didn't talk about it until recently.

    Yes, I do love it, although it's not love at first sight. Maybe it's more fitting to say there are things I really love about it. One thing is for certain, it is a very well conceived design with thoughtful features:
    • it's lightweight in a beautiful neutral color
    • the stepped stacked leather handles with stitch and ribbon details are gorgeous
    • the perfumed leather smells absolutely DIVINE!!!
    • the designer zipper pulls are comfortable in a wonderful functional shape/size
    • the silk fuchsia lining is thick, sumptuous, and TDF; it also shaves off weight compared to suede interiors that are quite heavy
    • the internal organization is brilliant
      • deceptively large zipper pocket sewn into the lining in the rear of the bag is wide and deep
      • three spacious wide compartments (the center is zipped, while the other on each side is open)
      • convenient adjoining pockets (stitched onto the lining at front of the bag), one with gussets, the other a flat slot ~ both ideal for small electronics with easy access
      • key tether with swivel latch ring
    • gate rings to remove/attach messenger strap, BE tags, etc ~ I really love this feature ~ it makes it so easy to add or remove something
    Using it will be the ultimate test for me, to determine whether I love it or not.

    Mine definitely arrived with scuffed corners. I inspected it inside and out. :yes:

  15. Karenina, have you been on the sauce again?!! LOL!!! Hope it didn't hurt too much, and you and the little 'un are ok? Oh!, you'll need to get another bag to cheer yourself up! :graucho: