Here they are! LM midi and I'm Yours pics!!

  1. Congratulations! They're gorgeous on you! I'm especially loving the shape of the IY...
  2. ckayakrx2, SO, SO glad yours has arrived, and you're LOVING IT!! I remember you weren't sure whether you would LUUUURRVVE IT. Piccies from you aswell please, posing optional! ;)
  3. Congratulations ckayakrx2!!!

    Contessa dear ~ I'm so happy for you that your Dark Grey Love Me shipped today, although somewhat sad that the Sand/Sand Python I'm Yours did not work out. It's good that Jackie noted the color variation before shipping it to you.

    Perhaps Jackie will come out with some really phenomenal colors for the I'm Yours and I'm Yours Tote later this year! :graucho:
  4. YAY!!! I am so happy for you! I bet a lot of ladies will be getting their bags today. I am so happy that the size works for you and that you love it. Please do post some modeling pics! Even though I have the same bag I love to see it on other people!

    Oh I can't wait for you to get your bag Contessa! I am so sorry that the IY didn't work. Was that the last one? Did Jackie just now notice this? I wish there was some way for you to get a IY. It is a great bag and I love mine. I think there is a tan left but it has gold hardware. But I do have to say it isn't noticeable. There is hardly any hw on the bag.

    Ha ha too funny audball! She is the slender sister indeed!
  5. Thanks guys!

    I cannot wait to get my beloved Dark Grey LM back in my arms.....and I'll never ever let it go.

    I'm sure Jackie will help me out with an IY.....I see one in my near future!!!
  6. Karenina ~ I'm so jealous!! I hate living on the West Coast because it takes even longer to get my BE bags! :sad: Hopefully I'll get them soon! The tan IY looks so gorgeous on you!! I can't wait to get mine. :smile:
  7. Karenina, I like the midi. I think the size is more practical than the mini. I know the regular LM was way too huge on me, yet the midi would probably look just right. Your new bags are amazing!!
  8. Thanks for the great pics. and congrats on both of your gorgeous bags. The LM Midi is such a great size! I just got mine today and am just checking it out closely before cutting the plastic security tag (new addition).
  9. I look forward to your review!
  10. citychris, I want to know what you think!!!

    I didn't get a plastic security tag with mine - must be a very new thing!

    I think it really is the perfect size bag - for me, it's going to be my perfect everyday bag, and it's just gorgeous!!
  11. I didn't get the plastic thing on either of my bags.

    This bag is definately the perfect size for me. I love it. When I put my things in there it was nice and roomy but it didn't eat my stuff up.
  12. Maybe I got "special treatment" because I just returned a bag or maybe it's random.
  13. Mine had a plastic thing on it. Maybe because I had emailed her about not being sure of the style?
  14. Ooh Suzi yours has arrived too! So....what do you think? Silly question, what would the plastic tag indicate? :s
  15. Karen - Those bags look fabulous on you. I am loving the tan IY. Gosh, that color is gorgeous.

    I still can't decide if the style works for me. I have to say one thing though. The gray leather has got to be the prettiest colored leather I have ever seen. I think I like it even better than the chocolate. I don't know how she achieves such depth. Really it is so unique. Don't you think? It's tempting to keep just to stare at it.:love: I do hope Jackie keeps doing the Matte leather. I definitely want a gray matte bag. Oh and a tan.... and a black crash.... Okay, back to the color at hand. Honestly, I don't think we will ever find that gray color anywhere again.