Here They Are 2008 Swatches Pics, we can get on list

  1. Does anyone know the 08 colours?
  2. so far they have announced a new magenta, electric blue(which has been described as a more subtle version of french blue), vert thyme, a new bubblegum pink and i think there was another color that was also mentioned. you can do a forum search for 2008 and the threads should come up
  3. This email just came from BNY so the lists are now open.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the wait is finally over! We are happy to announce
    the Spring/Summer 2008 Handbag Collection Colors!!
    Please be advised to make your selections early and place yourselves on the
    reserve lists, to ensure receiving the bags of your choice. I look forward
    to hearing from all of you; this is a very exciting season, full of
    beautiful colors.

    Once again, with the exception of a few, all styles will be available in
    all colors. We are still offering classic hardware, giant gold hardware,
    and giant silver hardware. Please call me with any specific questions, or
    concerns you may have.
    Spring/Summer 2008:
    Thyme-similar to Sage green less olive tone
    Electric Blue-gorgeous bright blue
    Baby Blue-a light powdery blue (darker than sky blue)
    Pale Magenta-like a softer fuchsia, very different from ’05 Magenta
    Petal Pink-soft feminine, perfect shade of pink
    Sahara-cream bisque, similar to sandstone
    Collection Colors 2008:
    Coral Red-bright and beautiful true coral red
    Electric Turquoise-intense turquoise,(milkier than aquamarine)
    Fluorescent Yellow-extreme color, very bright yellow…very fun!

    ***In addition to the above mentioned leather colors, we are offering the
    City bag, the Brief bag, and the Weekender, in a few of the beautiful
    floral prints from our runway collection!! THESE BAGS ARE GORGEOUS!
    There are very limited quantities, so please reserve one soon!! Simply log
    on to to view our Spring 2008 Ready to Wear Collection.
    The fabrics are as follows: Look #9 will be available with Dark Green
    Leather Trim. Look #21 will be available with Fluorescent Yellow Leather
    Trim, and Look #10 will be available with White leather trim.

    Thank you again for an amazing 2007, I look forward to working with you all
    in the new year.
    Have a Beautiful Day!

  4. you're awesome, powderpuff!! thanks!!!:yahoo:
  5. OMG!! you are amazing. thank you!!!
  6. Thank You!!!!!
  7. Yeeeeeey!!! Finally!!!! Merci Beaucoup Ma Cherie!
  8. On the top right... it says Agneau...I wonder if thats what they're going to be made out of from now on? THANKS for the swatches..Powder~! :woohoo:
  9. I am LOVING the turquoise!!! I hope it really looks like that. :yahoo:I knew BG would be a MUST. Not sure about magenta. I am trying to lighten it up to get a better look at electric blue! EXCITING! :yahoo:
  10. ^ Good eye, Oogie...I wouldn't be surprised. I'm really excited about all the fun colors!!!
  11. I noticed that too. It looks like all will be lamb which I'm not too happy about since they finally put out great colors and now we have to wonder how they will hold up.:confused1:
  12. me too!! bg, turquoise and electric blue are the three colors that i think are a "must have" for next season.. vermilion looks like a bright orange to me? :confused1: this is going to be a very expensive season!!

    once again, THANK YOU!! :wlae:
  13. Powder, as usual you ROCK!!! I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER to see these... thank you!!!
  14. I love the electric blue, bubble gum and magenta!
  15. Wish I still had the pics of swatches from atliernaff, but I'm sure that Bal always uses agneau on their swatchboards. Damn I wish I had those pictures so I knew for sure, but I'm 99% positive they did.

    Thanks for posting btw. I'm incredibly intrigued by the turquoise.