Here some of my jewelry

  1. Just want to share with you all.
  2. Oop!

    Wonder why it didn't show up. Please help to post the pic.
  3. Well here it is..

    Even though I don't have any high end brand name, but I love my jewelry.

    Thinking of getting the Happy Spirit pendant from chopard. Really love it when I saw it in Atlantis, Bahamas.

  4. They are beautiful!!!!!

    Is that emerald ring and necklace that I see??? Pls take close ups so that we all can dool some more!!!!!!!!!
  5. wow, nice! your rings look great! pls post some close up pics
  6. I just can not see the pieces good enough! I want to!!!
  7. no clouds in my stone :whistle::whistle:!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful
  8. When you click on the image, it will bring you to see the enlarge one.
  9. bags you have such a nice collection i love the emerald ring:tup:
  10. Very nice...I really like that omega chain necklace on the right. :smile:

    And who cares if it isn't "name brand" lol ... it's all good!
  11. Great collection!
  12. gorgeous!