here she is

  1. Enjoy!
  2. here you go ..
    IMG_5512.jpg IMG_5513.jpg IMG_5518.jpg IMG_5514.jpg
  3. Stunning!
  4. the only thing i'd like to ask is ...
    should both sides of the cles be the same?

    One side of the cles is imprinted deeper then the other side
    [​IMG] deep imprint

    [​IMG] not so deep.
  5. I love it !
  6. Congrats!
  7. :drool: nice!
  8. I would think it should be the same on both are right though, it does look different on each side--IMO I would take it back because I know it would bother me, but if it doesn't bug you then keep it.
  9. I love the color! Beautiful. I'm not sure if both sides are usually the same for the imprint. I would think that they should be the same. Maybe you can bring the cles back in and compare it with another?
  10. shes one hot Cles ! :nuts:
  11. Beautiful! I had the cles in the pomme d'amour but I love the color so much I took it back and exchanged it for the french purse :heart:

    I see what you mean about the difference in imprint depth. For me it would drive me nuts, i'd have to exchange it, but if it doesnt bother you then don't.
  12. congrats!!! I :heart: it!! the color is TDF!! :smile:
  13. Love it!! Congrats! :drool: Though I have to agree with the others and maybe take it back? Look for one with equal imprints on each side.
  14. LOVE it! Congrats! What are the two little booklet things? One is the receipt holder and one is the catalogue?
  15. Congratulations.