Here she is

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  1. My dauhter loves it. The only thing she wishes is that the tassles on the handle is longer. Here are some pic of the bag.

    You can see the bag is big. It looks beautiful on my daughter.


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  2. It's a beautiful choice! Which style is it?
  3. I'm so glad she loves it. It looks beautiful on her!
  4. Looks great on her, and love the color!

  5. OOO that's terrific on her, gorgeous bag!
  6. Very nice. I love the colour ... saddle?
  7. The style Edgy Out There.

    Happy Valentine's Day

  8. That is a beautiful bag Asianjade and it looks beautiful on your daughter. I agree w/her about the tassles, they add so much to a bag and if they were longer oolala!!! Hope she loves her.
  9. Love the color and style. I think it will serve her well.
  10. It's beautiful! Congrats - it's gorgeous on her!
  11. it looks amazing on your daughter! Congrats
  12. Gorgeous bag...and it looks great on your daughter!! I normally wear mine with the pocket facing forward...nice to know it looks great that way too!
  13. It really looks good on your daughter...and I love the is beautiful!:tup:
  14. It looks great on her! Nice pick mom!
  15. Beautiful! Congrats!