Here She Is!

  1. At last her is my jpg shoulder birkin.....:heart:
    AVA2.JPG me.jpg
  2. Wiping drool off keyboard! LOVE IT! I wish I could carry this bag but I'm just too short. It's perfect on you!
    (BTW, I have that same watch!)
  3. Love it! Looks great on you!
  4. BEAUTIFUL, Birkingirl! You look GORGEOUS with her, too! Wear her well and often and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
  5. Congrats!!!! :yahoo: :drool:
  6. Very nice! Congrats!
  7. Thanks guys,I'm sure you thought she was a figment of my imagination !I havent used her yet am waiting for my dogon key wallet....Very excited as have just heard my blk collier du chien bracelet is arriving thursday ,think it will look good with my jpg very biker !!!!:supacool:
  8. So pretty. I really like your outfit. Congratulations!!!
  9. I love It!! What is the leather?It looks gorgeous on you:yes: :flowers: :flowers:
  10. Yay birkin girl!!!! Congratulations, she finally arrived! Love the JPG and your outfit, gorgeous! :yahoo:
  11. Pretty! I saw one exactly like this tonight at the grocery store.. a lady was wearing one.
  12. Love the Birkin!! You look great with it...enjoy!!
  13. Congratulations Birkingirl! It looks fabulous on you! Enjoy in good health!
  14. Congratulations!!

    Beautiful bag!! She looks gorgeous on you!
  15. Wow!! Nice bag...congrats and enjoy! I want to see the pic w/bracelet when you get it as well!