Here she is!

  1. So, after a LOT of browsing and going back and forth, here is my new love! :heart:

    This isn't even one of the bags I had in mind, but after browsing around the store, this bag was definitely "the one". DH actually helped pick her out (he has great taste lol), so... I am now part of the Carly club! :yahoo:

    The medium is so classy looking in the black, I think, and with her pretty brass hardware I think she will be really versatile for me - dressed up or down, I think she will look great.
    Coach1.JPG Coach2.JPG Coach3.JPG
  2. Gorgeous! You can't go wrong with a carly and love the black too!:tup:
  3. I love it!!!
  4. She is beautiful! Enjoy!
  5. pretty!
  6. I have this bag, she is AMAZING!!! I love the carly so much that I'm gonna get her in chocolate sig! ENJOY!!
  7. yay!!! :yahoo: congrats.. carly is a great bag! :yes:
  8. I love the carly!!!
  9. Gotta love the Carly! It's gorgeous in black. Congrats!
  10. Omg! Congrats! She's a beautyyyy!! Love itttt!
  11. I agree that the black signature is so classy! It's beautiful!
  12. That black carly is so gorgeous! Oh how pretty will the keyfobs pop on it!
  13. Congrats! Its beautiful.
  14. Thank all you ladies so much - I went out for a bit and carried her for the first time, and I love her! :heart:

    Funny you should say that! Here are a couple more pics of her all dressed up with my Leo charm! (I thought the gold leather on the charm would go great with the hardware.) :graucho:
    Coach4.JPG Coach5.JPG
  15. Congrats! You can never go wrong with a Carly.