Here she is, you helped me decide... my violine STEP!

  1. step-front1.jpg step-front.jpg step-back.jpg step-leather.jpg
  2. sooooo gorgeous! You made the right choice! I love it! Congrats on one gorgeous violet step!
  3. Thank you mintpearl and Jenova and congrats to you!! :tup:
  4. congratulations on your beautiful bag. great choice!!
  5. she's lovely! i have the same bag!
    love love love!
    enjoy your new bag!
  6. Oooooo that is utterly gorgeous. Congrats
  7. Beautiful Bag! Congrats!!
  8. wow, what a gorgeous color! what color clothes will you wear with this bag?
  9. South- love it girlie!! All that gorgeous violet........ hmmmmm

  10. Thank you ladies :love:

    Rensky - I wear mostly neutrals, black, grey, white, beige, navy (or jeans), etc. I wouldn't wear red or green with it but I don't wear much of these colors anyway. I think it's easier to wear for me than my turquoise, or the vert gazon I traded! :smile:
  11. YUMMMM!!!!!!!!! :drool::drool::drool: I love this bag soooo much!!! The leather is just perfect and the color is TDF!!!! :heart::love::love::heart: LUCKY!!!!
  12. Thank you zacorey, I know I got lucky!

  13. Congratulations! You will love it, and it is such a classy Style!
    I noticed the front pocket is deeper than the City too, so when I wore mine I got my cell phone and other stuff in the front pocket.
    Enjoy her!
  14. Great choice. :tup: I love the colour and style...reminds me a bit of the purse.