Here she is... Violet GSH Brief!

  1. Thank you to all the lovely PF-ers that helped me find this bag at Gretta Lux!!! The GSH violet/grape brief! She is beautiful, my new everyday bag, I already put my stuff in her. She has very distressed wrinkly leather, which I LOVE. But she is not veiny, no white lines or marbling.
    violet2.jpg violet3.jpg violet4.jpg violet5.jpg
  2. wowie! thats very pretty! i just love that color and the style...a big bag on a small girl is really cute! congratulations!
  3. OMG, kittens, it's gorgeous! Silver makes the color pop!
  4. She looks GREAT on you!
  5. She is so gorgeous, I absolutely love the SGH on violet!
  6. Congrat.'s!!!! You have 2 new awesome bbags!!!!! I am loving all of the new grape- can't wait to get mine!!!!!
  7. Congrats!! absolutely delicious!
  8. OH WOW! She is GORGEOUS, insanely gorgeous! This has got to be my fave new bag on the Bal Forum!! Congratulations, the leather looks fiercely thick and wrinkly and the color is TDF!! Which would you say is the closest to the color IRL? I'm hoping its like the 3rd pic you posted. TIA!
  9. omg it's FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!
  10. Lovely, lovely! That color combination can not be beat! Congratulations!
  11. The 3rd pic is the actual color. The 1st two pics are similar to how the bag looks in sunlight. Its honestly an amazing color and the leather is soooo soft its silky.
  12. Congrats on your gorgeous bag -- it looks amazing on you!
  13. :love:
  14. Kitten - beautiful!!!
  15. I love it! That color looks so amazing with SGH. Congrats!