Here she is...smoke grey Bow bag!!!

  1. My bag arrived on Thursday, but I just got around to taking photos tonight. They are inside with a flash, so I am not sure how true the color will be. The color changes depending on the light...sometimes more of a deep grey and sometimes a mixture of grey/taupe. She is just beautiful and goes with EVERYTHING! I really love the shoulder strap, too. After having bag after bag slide off my shoulder, this one actually stays put! I absolutely love her!
    Miu Miu bow back front.jpg Miu Miu bow bag back.jpg Miu Miu bow bag side.jpg
  2. it looks perfect!gray seems to be the perfect color to use it with everything
  3. Oh.... I love Prada Bow bags! Yours is so pretty!!!! :nuts: Congratulation!!!!!!!!
  4. *Weeping here* It's gorgeous! It's on my wishlist, but I have yet to find it in a dept store here. Where did you buy it?
  5. OMG that color is gorgeous!! :love: I'd love to get one too :drool:
    Congrats! :yahoo:
  6. GORGEOUS! congrats!
  7. ooh love it!! Congrats!
  8. Oooooo, niiiiiice! :rochard:

    One of these days I've got to get a Miu Miu. Just haven't found quite the right bag yet. :shrugs:
  9. Congrats! I've been eyeing this style for a long time as it's soooooo gorgeous yet so practical. Not sure if it's the color I want: I would like to have a one in nude (actually it looks like this color in your pics with the flashlight). I've also seen it in taupe, also very elegant...
  10. Very pretty! Enjoy it!
  11. Such a beatiful bagggg...Congrats & Enjoys :tup:

    ps...after thinking abt grey & nude,,,,i will definitely go for Grey...:yahoo:
  12. Congrats...what a beautiful bag!!!!!!!!!
  13. congrats!
  14. Congrats! Very pretty!! :heart:
  15. Oh my....she's so pretty! Congrats!