Here she is...Sahara City SGH

  1. This is an amazing is a stunning bag IRL. Let me know what you guys think of her. Now that I know that I love the combo I might go out in search of a Work instead of a city because I think the GH looks better on a larger bag. Well, here is my first bag from 2008 and probably my last bbag purchase in 2007!

    Do you ladies think that I should get a work...or keep the city?
    sahara.jpg sahara1.jpg
  2. Wow!! Congrats!!
  3. Gorgeous!!! I sooo want one!
  4. Congratulations! This bag is stunning! I love this color and together with the SGH it looks gorgeous. Fabulous bag.
  5. Beautiful!!!
  6. Love it. i would keep it.
  7. Love it! Congrats on your gorgeous new bag! (Quick question: how does it compare with Sandstone?)
  8. It is lighter, they are very different colors IMO. I will post comparison pics later in the week once my finals are over. I think that if I had to choose one I would pick the Sahara, but that is partly because I really love the silver hardware. The sahara is stunning like the ivory with SGH but more wearable because it isn't nearly as light. Hope this helps!
  9. hello fellow lovers! I am new to the site so please pardon the "intro" questions...

    what is SGH? GH?

    I am thinking about purchasing a city tote but not sure what color yet so I am here to research. So glad to have found you all!
  10. aww i think it's sooo pretty! congrats :yahoo:

    i think GH looks OK on the city when it's silver... it's not too overpowering... however, if it were GGH i'd say the work would look better.
  11. i like it. keep the city.
  12. I've been waiting for this picture! It's gorgeous!!! It would look good in any style! Congrats!!
  13. Welcome...GH stands for giant hardware which is pictured above, SGH stands for silver giant hardware, and as you can imagine GGH stands for gold giant harware. When you see RH we are indicating that it is regular hardware. Glad to have you :tup:
  14. If you think that you would use and prefer a work, then exchange it. It really is very lovely. Sahara is very pretty. Part-time bags look awesome w/ GH. It is like a compromise between a work and a city!

    Modeling pics!!!
  15. Congrats!! I love this color!