Here she IS! NOW introducing MS. Blue Jean Kelly herself!

  1. She arrived yesterday...:love:
    MSKellyBJ 001.jpg MSKellyBJ 002.jpg MSKellyBJ 003.jpg MSKellyBJ 004.jpg MSKellyBJ 005.jpg
  2. me in my loung wear~
    MSKellyBJ 006.jpg MSKellyBJ 008.jpg MSKellyBJ 010.jpg MSKellyBJ 011.jpg
  3. :popcorn: Can't wait to see!
  4. yay Ghost!!!
    I love it !
  5. It's SO beautiful! :smile:
  6. ^^ Thanks! OMG! I love your avatar pic!

    For reference~ I am 5'4 and 129.5 lbs. Still working on the last 10 lbs...
  7. Oh, that is STUNNING. Wow. Great choice! Enjoy her!
  8. What a pretty ghost!

    You look fantastic, am so pleased this dream has come true
  9. fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!! there is just SOMETHING about a blue jean kelly that makes a girl sigh....and drool!!!!!!!! congrats!
  10. soooo beautiful and timeless!!! Congratulations on your Kelly :tup:
  11. Wow; what a beautiful bag! Just when I think I am going for one style over a Kelly, I see an gorgeous bag like yours and it makes me question everything! Congrats!!!!
  12. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Congrats!
  13. Congratulations! She is a beauty!
  14. Hey Ghost!

    Congratz, she's beautiful...and you are looking mighty fab for a woman who just had a baby!!!!

    I went to the H Boutique here at home today but didn't see anything that I liked. I love your Blue Jean Kelly though!!!! So, what's next?!
  15. You look great with your new bag. You're one hot mama.