HERE SHE IS! My newest edition - ROUGE VIF CITY!

  1. Finally... the moment I have been waiting for (and perhaps some of you)!


    I came home, saw the box and ripped at it like a child opening a Birthday present...

    My mum told me I had "this look" in my eye... :shocked:

    Anyway, here she is with her bleu Twiggy sister (didnt want to play favourites so they both got a chance in the spotlight...)

    The leather is just AMAZING... and the colour WOW...

    I was even considering not treating it after sitting it next to my treated Twiggy because the leather is THAT devine - but, I think I will to due to my clumsy nature and the fact that it is rather shiny which I'm not a huge fan of !

    So gals, the journey is over for my second B-bag buy... until next time...

    Thanks for all your advice which lead me to this FANTASTIC buy!

    Lvlady999 on eBay has made my day - as have all of you!

    Thanks heaps! :heart: :heart:
    100_1677.jpg 100_1683.jpg 100_1681.jpg 100_1680.jpg
  2. She looks gorgeouuusss! I love my RV City, she'll get lots of wear!
  3. I was just thinking about your earlier post about the Rouge City! CONGRATULATIONS!!! It is so gorgeous! You are so lucky!!!
  4. Thanks heaps... I love her sooooooooo much!
  5. What a fabulous saturated rouge vif!! Looking at your bag just makes me want to run over and give mine a huge hug!! Congrats girl!
  6. !!!!wow! beautiful!!!!! Rouge Vif is starting to compete with my love for my beatup 03 red city.....

    It is stunnign, congrats....and your "siblings" look good together! LOve blue and red!
  7. Yeah, theyre both sooo vibrant...

    Now the question is WHAT COLOUR NEXT!
  8. WHITE! haha.
  9. actually though I think a light colored neutral would be a good addition, or conversely a dark colored neutral....
  10. White would ruined within a week - I have an "anything that will wreak nice stuff" spilling problem

    So white is off my list, sadly! I really want a purse, after seeing another PF with their new WHITE purse...
  11. yeah I was half joking about the white....I cant have white either.....I am wayyyyyy to messy....and live in a messy city. The purse has been growing on me, too. I think it was somebody's eggplant purse that really turned my opinions around on it....I saw it and was like WOW.

    You should get a chocolate brown purse. That be sooo nice.
  12. I love the Toffee/ Caramel colour... probably wouldnt go any darker than that.

    I love white sooo much, but I just couldnt put that poor bag (or myself) through the pain!
  13. How about a staple black City aye?! :graucho:
  14. I was thinkin' that... but then I was like... hmmmm black is just... black

    I'm worried that it will blend into my clothing too much coz I love my black

    What do you rekon?

    Black in the purse style would be classy I guess...
  15. I like the black in the First and the City but I reckon black purse will be very sexy too. Purse is usually pretty feminine. Have you seen the rouge Purse on Christina Aguilera? It looks hot on her!